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YouTube Gaming is the official app from YouTube that lets you broadcast your videos live, and stream other people's videos. You can also watch any YouTube video related to the video game world. In fact, you can access the most popular video game channels in the world from the right side of the screen.

The best thing about YouTube Gaming is, without any doubt, its elegant user interface. From the very first time you open the application, you can stream live content, and see how you have everything at hand: on the left margin a list of popular games, on the right side a list of the best streamers.

Naturally, since it is an official YouTube application, you can log into your account. This way, you can like videos, write comments, and broadcast your own videos under your username.

YouTube Gaming is a specially interesting application for video games fans, since it lets you access videos of almost any video game in a matter of seconds.
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The year's most important gaming expo starts on June 12. Once again, the E3 held in Los Angeles will serve as the promo showcase for the biggest names in gaming. Companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo and studios like EA and Bethesda will hold their own events – and you can watch them live online from anywhere. Here we detail some of the event dates, pages, and apps you can use to view E3 events from your Android.
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Live-broadcast your games on Android with YouTube Gaming

It’s been a few weeks now since YouTube Gaming appeared: a YouTube app for streaming or broadcasting live games. While till now you could only view streams from a select group of gamers, a feature has finally been added to give you the limelight: you can now broadcast your Android games live on YouTube, and even share what your phone’s camera is recording in a corner of your screen.
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